Classroom Training

We offer three weeks of classroom training where candidates are trained on the Sears Home Improvement "10 Step Selling Process" which has proven successful since its development.

Newly hired Sales Project Consultant candidates are trained in the classroom on a particular product or products so they are truly a specialist and subject matter expert on the product they're selling. Additionally, we offer self-paced on-line continuing education training to improve knowledge and keep current on product changes and features.

During the classroom training, Sales Project Consultant new hires are trained on how to use the proprietary design studio software on their company issued laptop.

  • This software sets Sears Home Improvement Products apart from other companies which offer similar products.
  • The design studio program allows a very interactive and personalized approach to selling and allows the customer to see a visual of what Sears Home Improvement Products can do to help them with their home improvement need.

The company's training program includes opportunities to transition from classroom learning to field learning through "ride-alongs" that utilize experienced trainers such as Field Sales Managers and Field Sales Trainers.

The total comprehensive training program that Sears Home Improvement Products offers is like no other and provides the tools for our Sales Project Consultants to be successful.