A Day in the Life of a Sales Project Consultant

1000 to 1300+ Project Consultants (seasonally) - pay is Commission based

Specialties fall into 3 categories: Our Sales Project Consultants are trained to specialize in one of the following three categories.

  • Interior Products (Kitchen/Cabinets, HVAC)
  • Exterior Products (Siding, Windows, Doors, Roofing)
  • Multi-product

There is no typical day for a sales rep - each day could differ from the next. However below is an example of what a day could look like for a Sales Project Consulant:

During the appointment the Sales Project Consultant will cover one or more of the following items with the customer during a 2 - 3 hour appointment time

  • Kitchen design
  • HVAC load calculation
  • Various needs assessments for other products
  • Credit process

The majority of our appointments fall within a major metropolican market however our district offices do cover estimates for an appointment which average 2 hours outside of the city center.