Frequently Asked Questions

How are leads generated?
Each year the company invests a significant amount of advertising monetary and technology resources to channel consumer home improvement needs that become pre-set appointments for our Sales Project Consultants. Our direct marketing approach is achieved through various channels including, online, print, direct-mail, telemarketing, and In-Store Marketing. Our National Appointment Call Center coordinates communication between consumers who have requested a free in-home estimate and our 58 district sales offices. The Appointment Center sets and confirms appointments nationally for our Sales Project Consultants.
What is the fuel reimbursement?
Fuel reimbursement is .20 cents per mile across the country except for CA which is .42 cents per mile.
Is the work schedule flexible?
The work schedule is based on the needs of the district office and our customers but primarily it consists of full-time work with some part-time and flex-schedules available.
What area am I selling or how far do I have to travel?
Our Sales Project Consultants sell to residential consumers within a wide geographic market in each major city in America. Travel can be limited to the immediate district market area or in some rare cases, overnight. Travel will vary by market due to the density of populations in and around the district market.
Are there opportunities for advancement?
Yes. Almost all sales management, district management GM positions, and region GM positions are filled through internal promotions.
How many leads do I get a day?
On average each Sales Project Consultant has 2 leads a day with some peak season months as high as 4 leads a day.
Do I have to work weekends?
Yes. Saturdays are requested and Sundays vary by district (optional).
What is an average sale amount?
About $8,000.